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Online Learning Academy - for Probability Based Trading

Featured Testimonial

"I have been trading the markets the past couple of years and taken several education courses, but unable to become a consistently profitable. I approached Rob Friesen this past year, with the goal of becoming a profitable trader. He agreed to mentor me, and told me that his vision for me was to be profitable every day, even if it meant as little as a 0.1%/day profit. Rob has been patient mentoring me. He has provided helpful data in StockOdds and created excellent video education, which have been beneficial to learning new strategies. I am enjoying consistent profitability for the first time in my trading career. My portfolio is up 65% to date with his help!"

What makes StockOdds unique?

Our aim is to deliver data products, services and education that can assist traders on their journey to a successful and sustainable trading career in today’s complex markets.

For those willing to learn, StockOdds not only teaches you how to fish, but we hand over the fishing rod, walk you to the pond and stock the pond for you.

Education + Data = Greater Odds

Learning Academy - Probability Based Trading

Learn from the experts! We share our professional trading expertise to help you succeed by providing probability training and coaching that’s designed to improve your stock trading odds.

StockOdds Database - Proprietary Datasets

Access to millions of stock predictions – Odds! Built by pro-traders over decades of experience, our unique proprietary database has been created out of the need to have a probability basis data available for each trade.

And, we’ve made this high quality trading data with profound insights accessible to everyone of our StockOdds Database members.

“Without data you’re just another person with an opinion”
W. Edwards Deming

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Plus, those who have completed the StockOdds education program are more likely to take full advantage of firm capital.

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Your Instructor

Rob Friesen

Rob is a seasoned entrepreneur who has successfully founded many businesses over the past twenty years. Mr. Friesen began his trading career in the early 1990’s. For the past twenty years, Mr. Friesen engaged significantly in the stock trading business as a professional, and has served as the President and COO of Bright Trading LLC based in Nevada. The underlying technology and StockOdds Learning Academy has evolved over many years of use and application by the career professional traders at Bright Trading LLC.

Read some of Rob’s personal testimonials here.

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Be the Casino, not the Player

Learning Academy

Under the guidance of professional traders, learn and developing your own unique trading style, strategies and methods that are based on proven statistics. Become a better trader – Learn what the experts know!


StockOdds Database

We’ve democratized institutional – quality data to help disadvantaged traders become advantaged. Gain access to millions of stock predictions, research tools and insights that professional traders use daily.

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