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Learning Academy - for Probability Based Trading

Pair Trading

Explore strategies and methods that serve to lower risk by reducing variance, increasing the trader's opportunity to profit through relationships and, the compounding of trades.

Single Stock Trading

Learn the many aspects of trading individual stocks. Explore strategies and methods that give you a better understanding of forming a bias for directional trading.

Gaming Theory & Statistics

Examine the differences between randomness, noise, and signals to increase your understanding and push you towards a framework that drives compoundable trades having a positive expectation.

3 Month Data Subscription

Access the proprietary StockOdds Database which utilizes artificial intelligence & machine learning to increase the probability of financial gains when trading stocks.

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Meet Your Instructor

With over 28 years experience with the markets, Rob Friesen has taught countless traders who continue to use his teachings to this day.


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One-on-One Mentoring

Be one of the next 50 38 students to sign up and get a free bonus 1+ hour one-on-one mentor session with Rob Friesen. 

At Bright Trading, every trader who continues to see success uses Rob's teachings.

Rob Friesen's personalized 1-on-1 session will focus on your needs and can cover trading topics, such as:

  • Do you have multiple models developed for different market conditions?
  • Can you compound your strategies?
  • Are you making the most of the current volatility?
  • Are you being adequately compensated for the risks you are taking?
  • What setbacks and challenges have you encountered?
  • Do you have mental roadblocks, regrets, or fears that are harming your progress?
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Three courses, reliable stock data and, a mentor in one.
We don’t just show you the way — we help you get there.

Read some of our member testimonials and
discover first-hand what benefits could be in store for you.

"In my opinion the availability of global data is extremely valuable to find sustainable edges in quantitative trading."

Fund Manager

"Your database is by far the best out there. It has great predictive power if used properly and is fairly priced. Other databases don't even come close in predicting future alpha. Since I've been using it I have found new ways of approaching my trading."


"StockOdds helped me to build a profitable trading strategy. It is very powerful."

New Jersey

"I have been trading the markets the past couple of years and taken several education courses, but unable to become a consistently profitable. I approached Rob Friesen this past year, with the goal of becoming a profitable trader. He agreed to mentor me, and told me that his vision for me was to be profitable every day, even if it meant as little as a 0.1%/day profit. Rob has been patient mentoring me. He has provided helpful data in stockodds and created excellent video education, which have been beneficial to learning new strategies. I am enjoying consistent profitability for the first time in my trading career. My portfolio is up 65% to date with his help!"

April, 2020

Take the first steps to shift your trading strategy from reactive thinkingto proactive doing!

  • Learn from three probability based trading courses,
  • Study at your own pace,
  • Access anytime from any desktop or mobile device,
  • Utilize millions of predictions (Odds) for all major global stock markets, including Odds on individual stocks and pair relationships.

With the power of StockOdds, your rewards are proven ingredients other stock educators and data providers have overlooked.

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What you'll get:

  • Pair Trading Course
  • Single Stock Trading Course
  • Gaming Theory & Statistics Course
  • BONUS 13 month subscription of the StockOdds Database
  • BONUS 1+ hour one-on-one mentor session (for the next 50 33 students)
  • BONUS Master Class Trading Plan - one daily discipline guaranteed to increase your edge in the market in 30 days

All the above, a combined value of $6400+


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