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Edges of Pro Traders

What’s Your Trading Edge?

Your first step to becoming a pro trader.

If trading feels like a game of chance, this quick guide is for you! In the next 55 minutes, you'll learn what pro traders use for their edge, how to avoid common pitfalls of trading and the basics of how to trade like a pro.

This video lesson will also cover:

  • Trading Fallacies
  • What an Edge Is
  • Edges vs. Strategies
  • How Traders Make a Career Living
  • Soft Edges vs. Hard Edges
  • Tape Reading
  • How to Approach Charts
  • How to Utilize a Soft Edge
  • Examples of Applying Edges with Opening Gaps, Dividends, Baskets and others
  • Probability-Based Trading
  • How to Use Seasonality to Your Advantage
  • How to Combine Market Context with Strategies
  • How Pros use Tools for Trading
  • Technical Patterns from a Pro Trader Perspective
  • Options to Trade as a Professional
  • BONUS: Your Path to Trading as a Professional

And more! This video is just the tip of the iceberg.

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