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Data + Education for Probability-Based Trading

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StockOdds Data

Supplement your trading with our unique database to drive your trades. The StockOdds database that has been created out of the need to have a probability basis for each trade. Most databases in the marketplace, apart from being extremely costly, are missing some ingredients and have poor quality data. StockOdds has been built by professional traders that want to assist other traders who struggle in harvesting past information in order to build sustainable trading systems.

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StockOdds Academy

StockOdds courses are designed to give you deeper insights into market functions and behavior and guide you into having a probability mindset. This viewpoint on the markets will reveal insights that can be used within a framework to help increase your odds of a successful trading career.

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Pair Trading

Learn the many aspects of market, macro and long/short equities trading, as well as other market instruments. Explore strategies and methods that serve to lower risk by reducing variance, increasing the trader's opportunity to profit through relationships and the compounding of trades. The instruction you will receive provides a solid framework that could increase your odds of success. Trading as a business or career has greater sustainability when utilizing hedging techniques moving away from absolute market exposure.


Single Stock Trading

Learn the many aspects of trading individual stocks. This knowledge may also help you with trading market instruments other than equities. Explore strategies and methods that give you a better understanding of forming a bias for directional trading. The instruction you receive may assist you in timing trades from key signals, avoiding the fog of the market. Knowledge of the characteristics and insights into behavior of individual stocks can increase your odds of successfully trading other instruments as well.


Gaming Theory & Statistics

Learn the many aspects of Gaming Theory & Statistics. There are no certainties in the markets and the participant needs to operate from a probability’s perspective. We will examine the differences between randomness, noise and signals to increase your understanding, change how you think and push you towards a framework that drives compoundable trades having a positive expectation. There are takeaways from games of chance, but trading is not gambling; rather it is probability-based betting.


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