Rob Friesen

Rob is a seasoned entrepreneur who has successfully founded many businesses over the past twenty years. He has been an active participant in markets for 28 years beginning with trading equities, options and commodities from 1992 to 1998 on a retail basis. Moving to a Professional Career, Rob joined Bright Trading LLC in January of 1998 and currently serves as the President and COO. The underlying technology and StockOdds Learning Academy has evolved over many years of use and application by the career professional traders at Bright Trading.

Over the years Rob has traded over a billion shares in various strategies including Openings & Closings, Risk Arbitrage, Basket Trading and Pairs Trading. Trader Education, Coaching & Mentoring had always been a love of Rob's and he strives to better the odds of individuals that are trading for a living.

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"I have been trading the markets the past couple of years and taken several education courses, but unable to become a consistently profitable. I approached Rob Friesen this past year, with the goal of becoming a profitable trader. He agreed to mentor me, and told me that his vision for me was to be profitable every day, even if it meant as little as a 0.1%/day profit. Rob has been patient mentoring me. He has provided helpful data in StockOdds and created excellent video education, which have been beneficial to learning new strategies. I am enjoying consistent profitability for the first time in my trading career. My portfolio is up 65% to date with his help!"

StockOdds Mission: “To Educate Market Participants on the ODDS for Global Financial Instruments & to Facilitate Their Trades with Predictive Analytics”

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