Who We Are


Redefining the Way You Trade Stocks


Our Mission

To Educate Market Participants on the ODDS for Global Financial Instruments & to Facilitate Their Trades with Predictive Analytics.


It's impossible to predict the future with 100% accuracy. So what can we do? Analyze past scenarios to see what the outcome was. This is what ODDS provide, in a nutshell.

Our aim with providing trading education and data isn't just to "Teach someone how to fish" so they can feed themselves (or trade professionally) for life. We strive to not only teach a StockOdds Subscriber how to FISH, we will hand them the rod, reel, line & tackle, walk them to the pond, having already stocked the pond with FISH for them!

We believe the right formula for accomplishing this is to combine Quality Education + Quality Data = Increased Odds

Traders run into many problems, almost on a daily basis:

  • Traders are losing money. There is a need to understand what it takes to develop an edge and have a positive expectation for each trade.
  • Traders accounts have high variance. The bigger the swings, the greater the risk of ruin. Knowledge of hedging and taking the market movement out of the equation can help this category of traders reduce their risk.
  • Traders need to add more strategies to their traders tool chest.
  • It is challenging for Traders to create, improve and maintain their own database.
  • Traders are probability-blind for the most part when they start trading. They may continue for years without understanding the expected value of a trade. Trading is educated bets or betting with the probabilities.
  • Traders need to position size according to volatility and liquidity of instrument, not just price or opportunity.
  • Traders need to learn how to process and control more ideas. Point and Click trading is not that scalable. Traders need to touch more symbols, manage more workflow through their framework, having multiple strategies and even multiple time-frames.

To solve these problems:

  • StockOdds has and maintains a Predictive Analytics database for actionable trades daily.
  • Traders can come to StockOdds to Learn. This includes advanced techniques and strategies for Trading Single Stocks, Pairs, Baskets and Portfolios.
  • Traders will learn the most important fundamental metrics that underpin institutional accumulation.
  • Traders will learn how to use Seasonal Patterns, Macro Forces and Historical Events to increase their productivity.


To sum up, Traders require education on professional strategies. Some professional traders have either the resources and data of their respective institutions and other “home gamers” have been able to build what they needed. However, for many traders they simply do not have the programming/data science knowledge and skills, or they don’t have time to build and maintain a database. If they were to hire programmers, it would be costly. It also takes tremendous time working with programmers to get the results you want. 

We feel that our ability to offer ala carte’ Education or Data can fill the void for some traders. Most struggling, or newer traders or those traders wanting to expand their knowledge, skills and trading business, would be best served by a bundle of Education and Data. Stock Odds provides its members with access to millions of predictions (Odds) for all major global stock markets, including Odds on Individual Stocks, Pair Relationships, and Stock vs ETF’s along with Education, Instruction, and Coaching.