Preferred Partners

The following are trading tools and other services we prefer to use. Depending on the company, we may get a small kickback if you subscribe using one of the below links. Whether we are compensated or not, these are still the services we recommend using.




Finviz is great for viewing fundamentals and pulling up multiple charts with different time periods, such as a 1 min, 15 min and daily chart for timing intraday trades.


TradingView is a great option for spread charts and doing additional technical chart analysis.


eSignal is geared more towards larger traders, such as those that trade spreads and basket.



Capital & Professional Access to the Markets


Bright Trading gives traders access to both capital and direct access to the markets (Series 57 required). Unlike other organizations, Bright does not sell your order flow, and also facilitate direct market access, such as the ability to route orders to ECN's or dark pools. When filling out the questionnaire, be sure to mention StockOdds.



StockOdds Affiliate Program

Sign up to become a StockOdds affiliate! Get paid to sell StockOdds Memberships and other products. Simply sign up and share one of your selected links, which will track any signups made via your link. Current affiliate commissions range from 10-20%, depending on the product. For a valid purchase to be made, the referred user must sign up within 90 days of using your affiliate link. Payouts are made approximately 90 days after purchase has been completed, after our team confirms payment from the new user. This is to account for any refunds, payment processing issues, etc.

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Education Business Tools


Kajabi is what the StockOdds Learning Academy is built on. Useful for education or knowledge sharing businesses, the platform provides a customizable way to deliver courses and programs with others.