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We know how confusing it is to navigate the world of stock trading. 'Been there. From the jargon of the trading world to making better, informed trading decisions, we understand how frustrating it can be to get started.

After decades of going through the thick and thin of all trades, we've finally come up with an all-in-one hub for you to learn, plan and grow as a professional trader. We know that navigating stock markets is not easy, that it needs time and dedication. We've made it simple so you can practice your way to perfection, faster.

Education + Data = Greater Odds

StockOdds Data

Get access to a full database of over 40,000 stocks and pairs across 3 regions and all major developed markets. You can screen data on a daily, weekly, or monthly timeframe, including 10 years of historical data.

StockOdds™ Data is a unique database that has been created out of the need to have a probability basis for each trade. It contains millions of predictive data points (Odds) on various signals and timeframes for all major stock markets globally, including odds on stocks-pairs for the US market.

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StockOdds Education

Learn from the experts! We share our professional trading expertise to help you succeed. Get probability training and coaching that’s designed to improve your stock trading odds. Simply, we don't just teach you how to fish; we also hand over the fishing rod, walk you to the pond and stock the pond for you.

That's 30+ years of trading experience merged into a series of trading courses! Enjoy new courses when you sign up for a membership plan and save on the cost of buying courses individually. Be guided on your journey to becoming a more consistent trader.

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StockOdds Extras

Join an exclusive, growing community of like-minded traders. Learn and share best practices with other trading professionals to help improve your game, or suggest new courses to be added. You can even request a 1:1 mentor session. It's all about opportunities to grow!

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“Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.”

W. Edwards Deming

StockOdds Powered Dashboards

Start with a chart! With StockOdds Powered Dashboards, you can quickly see Odds based on your selected condition, such as Streaks or Bollinger for US stocks. Data is updated daily, when markets are open, making it easier for you to plan trades for the following day.

Become a member today to get instant access! Our Dashboards don't just help you find stocks to trade, it's also an easy way to come up with trade ideas for day trading, swing trading, and other trading strategies.

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StockOdds Web Screener

Get an Advanced or PRO Membership to use our Database Web Screener, the ultimate resource for using statistical arbitrage opportunities, intraday trading strategies, and lists of stocks for day trading or swing trading.

With the Web Screener, you can export queries to .csv files for easy manipulation and integration into other trading programs.

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StockOdds API

Want to easily integrate StockOdds into black-box trading programs, or other programs for data filtering and manipulation? Utilizing industry standard REST API, the StockOdds Database can easily return small or bulk sets of stock data. Using GET requests, the API can return the data in JSON, CSV or HTML Table formats.

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