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All the tools you need to become a Pro Trader! StockOdds helps you put your trading career into motion with professional-quality data, education and quantitative strategies. Learn how to build your balanced portfolio of strategies, the right way!

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Your StockOdds Career Path

Ready for an easy-to-follow career path, designed to meet your trading skills? Level up your skills and build a sustainable, long term trading career with us.

Free Resources & Intro Courses

Start learning about probability-based trading with free resources and affordable introductory courses, cherry-picked to help you get on the right path.

Top 10 Odds

Step up your trading by starting with the Top 10 Odds from indices such as the S&P 500. The Top 10 is built with relationship trading in mind with hedge ideas included.

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If you are new to trading, or just new to probability-based trading, our Starter Membership gets you going, including access to StockOdds Dashboards, along with Basic courses.

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This level of membership is designed for most traders with at least some experience. This includes everything in the Starter program, plus access to more advanced courses and data.

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Built for seasoned traders, our Pro membership includes MasterClasses designed to further professional trading. This also includes everything in the Starter and Advanced programs.

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Sustainable Trading

After learning to trade sustainably, there are several career options traders typically take:

  • Retail - trading on your own (ex. Interactive Brokers)
  • Prop Firm - trading with firm capital and resources (ex. Bright Trading)
  • Other Institutions - managing or trading for another institution (ex. Hedge Fund)

Education + Data = Greater Odds



Method Over Markets

StockOdds ‘Method over Market’ guarantees you get only superior methods for your edge that comes from entering trades derived from our database. You will learn an effective framework that’s repeatable, day after day, on how to enter and exit those trades and how to take the market out of the equation. These methods also use relationship-based trading.



Positive Expectancy

Get a positive expectancy using our massive database of predictive analytics, which can be summed up for each stock with Odds. This provides statistical measures of direction and performance, allowing you to trade from a probability basis, also known as probability-based trading. Plan your basket trading ahead of time!



Unique Basket Framework

With StockOdds, you get to basket trade with a group of assets that you trade all together. Our framework lets you mix some stocks to buy along with other stocks to shell short. You get to learn how to buy an asset and go long, or sell it and go short. This type of relationship trading hasn’t been widely taught outside professional trading circles before!

“Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.”

W. Edwards Deming

What You'll Get

Get access to the best package to become a professional trader. Depending on the level you pick, you'll get up to:

Trading Education

20+ hours (and growing) of dripped videos, including:

  • Professional Courses
    How to pair trade, how to trade single stocks, game theory, statistics in trading and more.
  • Actionable Lessons
    How to develop a trading edge, how to calculate Expected Value (EV), how to create IF-THEN statements to approach the market systematically, how to deal with emotions of trading, how to use Odds to your advantage and more.
  • Premium Webinars
    Includes future webinar access and recordings, such as lessons on how to trade SPACs using scaling to minimize risk.
Trading Data

Get the Odds on ETFs, individual stocks, forex and more for USA, Europe and other regions with:

  • Dashboard Vaults
    Curated Odds on historical data conditions, such as past price moves, days of the week, past streaks, overnight gaps and more.
  • Dashboard Reports
    Curated Odds on daily price action, with bullish reversals, bearish reversals and trend continuation based streaks, RSI, technical chart patterns and more.
  • Web Screener
    Customizable Odds and market data on 50+ conditions for stocks, forex, CFD's and more, with .csv export.
  • API Access
    Direct access to our Odds database, for integration with automated trading algorithms and other systems.
+ Extras
  • Premium live shows with career traders (coming soon)
  • Exposure to professional trading mentors
  • StockOdds Trading Forum
  • StockOdds Trading Blog


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