Management Team

StockOdds founders are a strong management team with common strengths as well as a diverse range of skills. The managing members have extensive experience in and knowledge of the trading industry and what traders require to increase the odds of success.


Rob Friesen, StockOdds, Inc. Co-Founder, CEO and Director of Education

2013 to Present: President & COO of Bright Trading, LLC
2016 to Present: Founder & Director of Services for MotionSAFE, Inc.
1998-2013: Proprietary Arbitrage Trader and Member, Bright Trading, LLC
2001-2013: Founder – PairCo, LLC,
2004-2012: Founder – PairNomics, LLC
1992-1997: Entrepreneur, Retail Equities Trader

Mr. Friesen is a seasoned entrepreneur who has successfully founded many businesses over the past twenty years. Mr Friesen began his trading career in the early 1990’s. For the past twenty years, Mr. Friesen engaged significantly in the stock trading business as a professional, and has served as the President and COO of Bright Trading LLC based in Nevada. Currently, Mr. Friesen has embarked upon the commercialization of StockOdds, Inc. The underlying technology and Learning Academy has evolved over many years of use and application by the traders at Bright Trading LLC.


Dietmar Zessin, Co-Founder, COO and Chief Analytics Officer

Mr. Zessin has been involved in the global securities industry since 2000. He served as a manager at the Millennium Fund and the CEO of Astra Securities Ltd. in 2000 and is the founder and managing director of Quant Arb Group of Companies. Mr. Zessin is an accomplished project manager, data base developer, as well as entrepreneur having founded several successful enterprises. Mr. Zessin is an experienced cross border arbitrage trader and conversant in all forms of quantitative trading and risk management. Mr. Zessin is a co-founder of StockOdds and has been responsible for all of the database and algorithmic technology development for the Company.


Cris Doloc PhD, Director & Advisor

Mr. Doloc is an accomplished Quantitative & Computational Scientist, team and platform builder, and currently teaches at the University of Chicago Financial Mathematics Department "Case Studies in Computing for Finance". The main objective of this course is to introduce students to the field of Computational Finance through real-world “end-to-end” case studies. The course offers a comprehensive introduction to the domain of financial Data Analytics and its Algorithmic processing and provides implementation examples that are representative of problems that practitioners in finance have to solve. Mr. Doloc has spent the last two decades in the field of Computational Finance working for several top-tier financial firms. As such Cris has been the Chief Technology Officer of Terra-Nova Financial, the Head of Valuation Infrastructure at Chicago Trading Company and the Founder & Principal of Quantras Research Ltd. Mr. Doloc will function in the role of Director, Advisor and assist in the technical components of the Learning Academy as well as the steering committee for machine learning implementation.