Interview 4: Cris Doloc, Ph.D.

Season #1 Episode #4

Cris Doloc functions as a Director, Advisor to StockOdds, Inc. Cris Doloc is an accomplished Quantitative & Computational Scientist, team and platform builder, and currently teaches at the University of Chicago Financial Mathematics Department "Case Studies in Computing for Finance". Cris Doloc holds a Ph.D. in Computational Physics and has worked for more than two decades at the intersection of Quantitative and Computational Finance. He is an accomplished technology leader who designed and led the implementation of several firm-wide trading, valuation and risk systems. Cris’ expertise extends from enterprise software architecture, to High Performance Computing and Quantitative trading. He is very passionate about the opportunities that recent developments in Cognitive Computing and Computational Intelligence could bring to the field of Quantitative and Computational Finance. Cris Doloc has spent the last two decades in the field of Computational Finance working for several top-tier financial firms. As such Cris has been the Chief Technology Officer of Terra-Nova Financial, the Head of Valuation Infrastructure at Chicago Trading Company and the Founder & Principal of Quantras Research Ltd. Cris Doloc is the Authour of "Applications of Computational Intelligence in Data-Driven Trading" - Available on Amazon