Strategies for Swing Trading Investors - Interview with Chris Vermeulen

Season #2

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In this interview #6 of the StockOdds Podcast, host Rob Friesen talks with seasoned entrepreneur, investor, and technical analyst Chris Vermeulen, founder of and author of the book, 'Technical Trading Mastery'. From his early experience in the stock market to developing his own trading systems, Chris shares his journey and the strategies that have made him successful in the volatile world of stock trading, and much more. Chris focuses on the "waves" of trading, which sit in between swing trading and investing time-horizons.

Chris Vermeulen is a financial expert who challenges conventional investing wisdom and believes that investors should only own rising assets. With over 25 years of experience, Chris shares an alternative investment style called Asset Revesting that allows investors to achieve higher returns, lower drawdowns, and profit from bear markets. 


Tune in to learn more about:

  • Chris's unique journey into stock trading, inspired by his father and a high school competition.
  • How Chris applied lessons from aviation, such as the value of following checklists, to his trading career.
  • The transformative impact of witnessing his parents' bankruptcy, which taught Chris the crucial importance of risk management.
  • The valuable insights shared in Chris's book, 'Technical Trading Mastery,' including the importance of avoiding emotional investments and the fear of missing out.
  • Chris's critique of the passive buy-and-hold strategies commonly used by financial advisors and his own solution - a more active, strategic approach to investing that capitalizes on market trends.
  • How Chris applies an ocean metaphor to describe market movements and his trading approach.
  • Chris's use of an asset hierarchy for strategic trading and his disciplined approach to exiting positions when necessary.
  • The integration of AI in his workflow and his ambitious project of building a custom AI with the help of a Canadian government grant.
  • His alert service which helps users understand different stages of the market and how it assists in formulating effective trading strategies.
  • The emotional rollercoaster of trading and how different market stages impact trader's emotions.
  • His firm's strategy that led to a significant return of over 50% in 2020 by rotating between assets like stocks, bonds, and dollars.
  • The pitfalls of overconfirming before taking action and how it can lead to buying at peaks just before a major pullback.
  • The importance of understanding "inner market analysis" and recognizing which sectors perform well during different market cycles.
  • Chris's unique trading strategies, the technology he uses for charting, and examples of successful trades.
  • The benefits of a conservative trading strategy and the dangers of leverage when not managed properly.



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