Web Screener

The StockOdds Web Screener provides a browser-based way to generate trading ideas, screen for Odds and examine pair relationships. The data is updated daily, approximately 2 hours after market close.

Once a screen is run, data points (columns) can be selected and exported to .csv format for data mining.

Data Conditions

Available Screener Conditions

All 50+ conditions are included in an Advanced or Pro plan. Using the Screener, each condition can produce Odds for Open-to-Close (OC), CC, CO for the next time period chosen (next day, 3, 5, 10, 20 days).

Data Regions

Screenable Instruments

Currently, our database contains odds on major liquid stocks and pairs listed on all developed stock markets worldwide (North America, Europe, Asia-Oceania).

The Advanced subscription includes one region of your choice, while Pro currently includes all major stocks traded on the following markets and regions:

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“Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.”

W. Edwards Deming

What People Say About StockOdds

"Your Database and Interface is a valuable and easy-to-use tool to select trade ideas that fit into my trading style."


"Stock Odds helped me to build a profitable trading strategy. It is very powerful."

New Jersey

"Your database is by far the best out there. It has great predictive power if used properly and is fairly priced. Other databases don't even come close to predicting future alpha. Since I've been using it I have found new ways of approaching my trading."


"I've been using SO DB [StockOdds™ Database] for three months and it is awesome!"


"In my opinion the availability of global data is extremely valuable to find sustainable edges in quantitative trading."

Fund Manager

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