StockOdds Podcast

StockOdds Podcast

Hosted by: Rob Friesen

StockOdds was created in response to traders need for accurate data and actionable trade ideas, most people are probability blind, our goal is to educate in probability literacy. In this podcast, we focus on...


Interview 5: David Garofalo

Season #1

Visit for trading Odds and more!   In this interview #5 of the StockOdds Podcast, with guest David Garofalo, Rob and David talk about the commodities market, mining operations and...
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Interview 4: Cris Doloc, Ph.D.

Season #1 Episode #4

Cris Doloc functions as a Director, Advisor to StockOdds, Inc. Cris Doloc is an accomplished Quantitative & Computational Scientist, team and platform builder, and currently teaches at the University of Chicago...
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Interview 3: Steve Arlinksy

Season #1 Episode #3

Episode #3 of the StockOdds Podcast, has as our guest Steve Arlinsky a Proprietary Trader with Bright Trading, LLC. In this episode Steve talks about what interested him in a career in trading, his early years of...
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Interview 2: Dennis Dick

Season #1 Episode #2

Dennis Dick, CFA, is a proprietary trader, and market structure consultant with Bright Trading LLC. He has twenty years of proprietary trading experience specializing in pair trading, crutch trading, momentum,...
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Interview 1: Bob Bright

Season #1 Episode #1

Bob Bright is the CEO of Bright Trading, LLC. Bob has a unique mathematical ability, He has always been able to quickly spot the “edge” in any type of game or business. His success began at an early age, playing poker...
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